Easy Maintenance

S25A adopted HYDRAUSTATIC driven system with 2 pumps & 2 motors. Compare to gear type, due to less work of power-train adjusting, oiling, greasing the maintenance is very easy.

Parking Brake System

If the parking brake is not in the state of ON condition, engine will not start.
Therefore the machine does not make a sudden move when operator start the engine.

High Powered Engine

4 cylinder water cooled diesel engine with 46ps maximum output.
It has a remarkable climbling speed on slopes & can make a smooth spin turn.

Long Lasting Track

Using large dimension of lower roller and decrease the abrasion of lower roller.
Large dimension make low pressure for the crawler, so it makes long life for the crawler.
Adopt the bearing with taper roller type for fixed lower roller.

Roating Seat

The convenient pivoting operator's station features an ergonomic seat that swivels with the control unit, for a quick and simple change of direction and maximum visibility during operation.

Centralized Controlling Elements

Controlling elements are centralized to make smooth maneuverability.

Pivoting Dump

S25A swivel dump can make 180゜turn at the same time riding a pallet & it can also be stopped at any angle to make 60゜angle dump in any direction to make operation very smooth.




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Model S25A
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