Privacy Policy

1. Legal Complaince

CANYCOM is commited to ensuring the confidentaility & security of your personal information.

2. Privacy Policy Reasonable Acquisition

CANYCOM is commited to ensuring the confidentaility & security of your personal information.

3. Purpose of Use of Personal Information

CANYCOM will collect personal information in an appropriate and fair manner but within the
business scope of the Company.

4. Proper Management of Personal Information

In order to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration or leaking of personal information,
necessary and appropriate security measures will be taken to protect personal information

5. Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Information disclosure and sharing with third parties CANYCOM will not disclose or provide
personal information to a third party except the outsourcing agents unless the user approves the disclosure or sharing, or laws or regulations require disclosure.

6. Supervision of Trustees

CANYCOM will implement appropriate management in the case of personal information
entrusted to an external processing is required by contract to prevent leakage or re-offer,
personal information from third parties will be used within the scope of the contact carried out by strict management.

7. Disclosure and Correction of Personal Information

Disclosure, correction, pending, complaints and inquiries concerning personal information If
the CANYCOM receives a request for the disclosure, correction or pending of personal
information from the owner of such personal information or his/her representative, we will
proceed to the procedure specified by the Company without a delay. CANYCOM will also
respond promptly and honestly to any complaints, consultations or inquiries regarding
personal information.

8. Review and Continuous Improvement

CANYCOM will adhere to laws, regulations and rules related to the protection of personal
information & take appropriate measures, continuously put efforts to improve measures
mentioned above.