Sales Policy

1.Operating Manual

Our product comes with an operator's manual. This manual provides information needed for safe and effective use of the product to those who operate or maintain. Make sure to read and understand the manual thoroughly before operating the product. Store the manual in a safe, accessible place for easy reference. If the manual is lost or damaged, order a replacement from your CANYCOM representative.


We guarantee our product, based on the terms of warranty. When receiving the product from your CANYCOM representative, make sure you receive the instruction for the operation of the product and have the warranty and receipt signed.

3.Service & Maintenance

Please consult your CANYCOM representative or our company's sales department regarding service orders or any questions or problems that may arise when using this machine. Please make sure to have the product name, serial number, and the make and type of the engine handy at the time of contact. Refer to the operator's manual for the location of the model and serial numbers as well as the make and type of the engine.

4.Parts Supply

The supply of the spare parts of our products remains available for 7 years from its manufacture date. When maintaining or repairing the CANYCOM product, always use CANYCOM genuine part. The warranty do not apply, if you use aftermarket or recycle parts. Please refer to the operating manual for detailed information.


Our product is designed and manufactured to be used in a specific country or a region. Using it in a country or a region for which it is not intended may violate the local law or regulations. For such a product brought to a market different from its intended market (so-called the gray-market product), we do not supply any repair or replacement parts, or we do not provide any after-sales service. We will not be held liable for the damages, losses, injuries and/or death caused by such a product.