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President's Message

Soshiki Ichigan Glocal - We strive to serve you, Globally and Locally.

Thank you very much for your interest in Canycom, and for the love that has been shown for our products.

Canycom has marked the 65th anniversary since our establishment in 1955. We have earnestly passed down the ideals of our founder Yoshito Kaneyuki to manufacture products with user centered design and to develop and improve products based on their feedback.

We have made vast contributions to the carrier and green industries over the years, and our products are now available in 51 different countries. We strive to continue to serve the world as one under our slogan, “Manufacturing is Art,” through exceptional, customer focused products from our hometown of Ukiha, Japan.

Yoshimitsu Kaneyuki

Yoshimitsu Kaneyuki, President